Possiblilty the value increases overtime

If you purchased an NFT first of all, congratulations! As you by now know NFTs can add in value. So the chances are likely that your NFT can go up in value. How? It all depends on the creator of the collection and how your selling skills are! Perhaps somebody else likes your bought NFT art, go and find them in one of our community chats on Discord or Telegram


Affordable pieces of digital artwork

A lot of people can not afford NFTs due to high prices. At CNP we try to close that gap by affordable NFTs. That way everybody has the chance to perhaps grab the next NFT gem!


You are the only owner of a high quality NFT

Only you are the owner of a NFT. Because each NFT has his own unique code. People can screenshot your NFT, yes. But the true value lies in you own the real piece of digital art. Just a like a real painting. There are a lot of copies of the Mona Lisa artwork. But there’s only one real Mona Lisa art work. The same rule goes for NFTs.


Carry your NFT’s anywhere for 100% control

You have access to your NFTs from your mobile or desktop. Mobile keeps it portable so you have full control when to buy or sell your NFT.