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This NFT is inspired by Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin and his vision for the future of what cryptocurrency could be. In this story we liken Vitalik to Poseidon and see him rising out of the deep sea in this story. In the eye of the storm, he stands centered and strong. He withstands the wrath of the cyclones; the waves are high and wild. Like the world we live in, these waves can be unpredictable. It takes strength and wisdom to progress in life, as sometimes life can be anything but fair.

Poseidon holds the trident in his right hand. Once upon a time, it functioned as a weapon, but now he holds it proudly, symbolizing unity and progress, resonating power and strength through unification. In his left hand is the progress of time and space. The old world, ruled by the laws of fiat, decays slowly, returning everything to its element of origin. Through the gateway of time and space, the dusty sand falls, becoming the building blocks for the new world to come, a world that holds so much potential it bursts the boundaries of time and space.  

This new world withstands the wrath of the storm. It exists on different plains, protected by the dimension of the Metaverse and constructed by the human mind. There, where the water is calm and beautiful, we settle to generate for our children of the future. This world is in a constant flow of development, as is  the knowledge of humanity. The gates are opening to new technologies, igniting Poseidon’s beacon of light. Its shine illuminates the way towards the years to come.  One step closer to a brighter future! 

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About the Artist

Ramona Köhler (aka Magnetic Red) is a German artist, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her studies in Art go as far back as she remembers... as a child she was drawing almost every day and she loved to design characters and fantasy inspired worlds in which her characters came to life. Ramona works in many mediums such as pencil, pen, watercolour, acrylics, photography, digital paintings, print media, stage design, tattooing and theatrical fire performances.

After she finished her time at the academy for fine Arts in Enschede, her art found its way to bigger exhibitions such as Psy-Fi art gallery where she exhibited her work together with Anderson Debernardi and other amazing artists from the “Art Collider” Community. Her biggest fascination is to combine art with the shape of the human. Next to working as a tattoo artist, she creates “visionary art” inspired paintings and digital artworks.

Nowadays she also works as an NFT artist for the Nexus Ecosystem network to create characters which “live” in a metaverse-inspired fantasy world that displays the different characteristics of each crypto currency.