In this story, the Greek god Hermes is a nod to Gavin Wood, Ethereum’s Co-Founder, and the Founder of Polkadot.

Woods’ rich history with Ethereum exposed an Achilles heel and the opportunity to improve the blockchain space. Despite starting Parity Technologies and The Web3 Foundation after leaving Ethereum, Woods’ still held the vision of a multi-chain ecosystem that would serve as a bridge to other blockchains. Thus, Polkadot was born. He has been quoted to have said “technology has changed human civilization over the ages and isn’t going to stop now”.

With that said, in this art we see Hermes speeding towards the future! Known as the cleverest of Greek gods, with an outstanding trading skill, Hermes is forging a path and breaking down barriers for the future to come. His path is lit by the blockchain which is resting on a wood grain floor. His past, Ethereum, is shining a fractured light from which he bursts. Several Polkadot coins are spinning from the energy of the future, a new parallel processing power which will accelerate scalability. While we may not see it, Gavin Woods’ vision for the future of the metaverse shines in his goggles leading his way, ever inspiring him to keep busting through the status-quo. Polkadot is a true achievement as Polkadot will improve this world with more durability and duality.

About the artist

Ramona Köhler (aka Magnetic Red) is a German artist, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her studies in Art go as far back as she remembers... as a child she was drawing almost every day and she loved to design characters and fantasy inspired worlds in which her characters came to life. Ramona works in many mediums such as pencil, pen, watercolour, acrylics, photography, digital paintings, print media, stage design, tattooing and theatrical fire performances.

After she finished her time at the academy for fine Arts in Enschede, her art found its way to bigger exhibitions such as Psy-Fi art gallery where she exhibited her work together with Anderson Debernardi and other amazing artists from the “Art Collider” Community. Her biggest fascination is to combine art with the shape of the human. Next to working as a tattoo artist, she creates “visionary art” inspired paintings and digital artworks.Nowadays she also works as an NFT artist for the Nexus Ecosystem network to create characters which “live” in a metaverse-inspired fantasy world that displays the different characteristics of each crypto currency.

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