In this story we are inspired by Charles Hoskins, the founder of Cardano (ADA), and liken his heart and humanitarian efforts to the Greek goddess Athena. Athena and Charles are front and center as one and the same. Her energy lives in his heart, her posture represents motherhood, and she holds her hands on his, as if to guide him through these amazing times. Athena wears the portrait of ADA Lovelace. She is known as the mother of computers and inspired Charles to call his currency ADA and its subunits Lovelaces.

Charles’ spear stands for courage and is a compliment to Poseidon’s trident. This shall represent their connection, and to the shared vision Cardano and Ethereum have to make the world a better place. Interestingly, legend has it that Zeus proposed a contest between Athena and Poseidon over Athens, just like Charles and Vitalik contesting over their crypto currencies. Will one hold victory over the other?

The owl is Athena’s spirit guide and is often associated with Charles himself. With wisdom and watchfulness, Cardano carefully launches its technology into societies. Like Athena, Charles has the courage and strategic abilities to make a project like “Cardano Africa” come true and dreams about his next vision to help other countries in need. The children at their feet are inspired by the original photographs taken on Charles’ visit to Ethiopia. In the middle, a university student benefiting from Caradono’s support. The boy on the left represents Cardano’s love for our world and the visions of projects to come. The hexagons are graced with icons representing various Cardano. A lobster in the background represents Paul Oakenfeld’s Album which was released on Cardano’s blockchain.

About the artist

Ramona Köhler (aka Magnetic Red) is a German artist, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her studies in Art go as far back as she remembers... as a child she was drawing almost every day and she loved to design characters and fantasy inspired worlds in which her characters came to life. Ramona works in many mediums such as pencil, pen, watercolour, acrylics, photography, digital paintings, print media, stage design, tattooing and theatrical fire performances.

After she finished her time at the academy for fine Arts in Enschede, her art found its way to bigger exhibitions such as Psy-Fi art gallery where she exhibited her work together with Anderson Debernardi and other amazing artists from the “Art Collider” Community. Her biggest fascination is to combine art with the shape of the human. Next to working as a tattoo artist, she creates “visionary art” inspired paintings and digital artworks.Nowadays she also works as an NFT artist for the Nexus Ecosystem network to create characters which “live” in a metaverse-inspired fantasy world that displays the different characteristics of each crypto currency.

Upcoming NFTs

Cryptogods NFT - HERMES Polkadot


Cryptogods NFT - HEPHAESTUS Binance