The “School Of the Metaverse” (TruBadger NFT) represents the fearless and thick skinned heart of the Nexus Ecosystem. A group of true Heroes, because they dedicate their time and passion to help others to progress and learn. They have understood the importance of sharing. Giving high priority to this trait allows one to become stronger as an individual to seek wealth and happiness. This is one of the most wonderful things they dedicate energy to. Egoistic thinking leads always to stagnation on some point. Understanding that we are all one provides us the opportunity to progress in a most efficient way, receiving great inspiration is one of the biggest gifts as this is the force that helps us make our visions come true.

Their strength and dedication is admirable and therefore the Team is displayed as Superheroes that represent the heart of education you need to become as fearless, thick skinned and ferocious like a TruBadger! The space where this scenario is located is in the Utopia of the Metaverse. The “school of the Crypto Space” invites everybody who is willing to seek success with open arms. Venturing into new “waters” can be cautious. TruBadger is here to educate you and help you find your way through the vast depths of the Crypto world. Their mission is to inspire you to become fearless and successful like a TruBadger! With combined forces and shared knowledge their goal is to approve the Nexus Ecosystem to become a token holder and support and benefit from this community to reach individuals goals. Their most powerful “weapon” is the power of knowledge. And they welcome you to learn how to use this “weapon” correctly.

The problems of bot manipulation and scammers are harming the future of the blockchain and cryptocurrency as a whole. Therefore, the TruBadger community created different decentralized autonomous organizations. One of them is nSights Defi Trader with a quest to provide an advantage tool for knowledge about profit with buy and sell trades. And it calculates reflection and enables community members to track social sentiments. But also in form of tutorials, Zoom meetings and Community projects like NFTs, TruBadgers make an outstanding concept of “Community is Commerce”. A group of true Superheroes that are not only great teachers, but also fierce warriors who stand their ground to protect token holders from bot manipulation and scammers. Unfortunately, there is no world without evil. But one must not be afraid because the power of knowledge provides us safety against these forces as we are able to dodge them before they can harm our goals..

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing!”

This is a group that holds a strong vibe and a joyful energy, because a TruBadger thrives on sharing their passion for connection and education!

About the artist

Ramona Köhler (aka Magnetic Red) is a German artist, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her studies in Art go as far back as she remembers... as a child she was drawing almost every day and she loved to design characters and fantasy inspired worlds in which her characters came to life. Ramona works in many mediums such as pencil, pen, watercolour, acrylics, photography, digital paintings, print media, stage design, tattooing and theatrical fire performances.

After she finished her time at the academy for fine Arts in Enschede, her art found its way to bigger exhibitions such as Psy-Fi art gallery where she exhibited her work together with Anderson Debernardi and other amazing artists from the “Art Collider” Community. Her biggest fascination is to combine art with the shape of the human. Next to working as a tattoo artist, she creates “visionary art” inspired paintings and digital artworks.Nowadays she also works as an NFT artist for the Nexus Ecosystem network to create characters which “live” in a metaverse-inspired fantasy world that displays the different characteristics of each crypto currency.

Other NFTs In This Series